Speaking of Life...



jeezy creezy the dog is gassy...

Ok I'm sry I haven't updated in... forever!!! I have so much to tell you all!!! Let it begin.

I SURVIVED THE CMT'S. They are done, I am done, He/she/we/me DONE!!! woot! I feel so accomplished, although I know my writing prompt sucked eggs... :-)

Thanks to Nemo and that *person* next to her *locker* that Emo *tells me everything he says* I feel more guilty than ever... Where's the big tub of ice cream when ya need it (passes out spoons to emo and herself) HEEYYY emo i'm so proud of you... although only jahnna and i and you and a CERTAIN SOMEONE know what i'm talking about... the *GASP*... savvy? Lol but i'm so proud of you! But I, as in E.N.O., am shy. You just don't believe it.

Yes, I am pretty shy most of the time... You just don't know it. Or see it... or even believe it. But I am. Just take a closer look and you'll see... Ok ya know what i have to be honest. That was the biggest, fattest, juciest lie of my life.

BTW, I would just like to say I FOUND THAT QUOTE in mander's guestbook and I have no idea who put it in there but it wasn't me... Oh well :-)

I must bake Mr.Leamon a thank-you cake for putting up with 5 petty perfectionists, and filming their play for a total of about 25 hours. THANK YOU MR. L!!! If any of you saw our movie you know we worked our sad little tails off way more than we had to... But I do believe we have the best blooper reel of all time!!! SARAH!!!!!! YOU BUTT!

Whoooooo I just pulled that humungoid muscle on the back of my thigh for the FIFTH flazzin time this week!!! According to Kara, "[I] need to go see a doctor man cuz [I] am like, limping like a fish." At least that's what I think you said. Whatever Kara...

Awesomeres news yall! We had another Schweitzer meeting and I am in the committee working on shrinking/eliminating the amount of human slavery in the Sudan. Amanda, aren't you proud of me??? weee! Also, we'll be selling pointsettas in the EastBrook mall on some date to support the... is it... Manchester? Hospice. So come on down and buy a perrrdy flower! lol We'll be making posters and hanging em in school so you'll see when to go.

Well tis gettin late and I need my sleep for that flazzin science test tomorrow which is for some reason being taken by the whole team at the same time in the HIGH SCHOOL LECTURE HALL for the second half of 5th period and ALLL of 6th!!!! like WHOA if that isn't intimidating... well... Steinny still is. Arrividerci! (judging by my superior foreign language *radar* I would say that is goodbye in Italian... or maybe that's just what emo told me... :-D)