Speaking of Life...


What is going on???

Ok guys you will think I'm totally weirdo but I don't even know what's going on in my own life.

Example: Kaitlyn runs up to me today and starts talking about something on a bus... ok yah actually I did understand that part. ;-) and EMILY knows it too but she didn't want to tell me. hmmph. whatever.

OK, good example:Brittany and Emo are doing something... or planning something... or thinking something... and I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS. It's really scaring me. Something about matchmaking. I think. Which scares me even more. Well whatever, I don't think I'll find out.

Ok and NOW the band concert:

I can sum it up in one word for y'all.


Pop ensemble had to wear these crappy felt santa hats and I was SO embarrassed. You could clearly see me laughing. well i have to go so BYES and blah and yah <3>


  • We were defenetly laughing when we walked on stage for pop.......kara(woooooooooo go elise and alexa)o god.......
    well at least we get to carol......we get to stop by steiney's room!
    that should be fun
    wow waht a good bunch of kids

    By Blogger Pablo, at 12/09/2004  

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