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New Years EVE Day

Hello my people, it is New Year's Day! That means staying up late eating junk food to watch that shiny ball drop... it's so shiny. Right. Hanyways, today, being the day that is is, is hosting THE BEST marathon of all time. That's right Emo...

You are about to take the strangest journey of your life... into the TWIGHLIGHT ZONE.

I guess I'll be busy all day! It's gonna be 2005 really soon. That means I will be older. But hey so will you and my grandpa and Louis from Norway. So I don't feel so bad about it.

Oooh update on the marathon-I just discovered my whole house is opposed to watching the Twighlight zone. Now I'll have to hide in my room all day and watch it. All byyyy myyyself! Don't wanna be... All by myselffff anymore!

Thats enough Rod Stewart for now. Ooh! I found a Rod Stewart guitar book in my dad's bedtable complete with words and everything. So Pablo and I have decided that we will learn to play the guitar!!! I know what you're thinking. *God help the world of music* but we won't be that bad!!! My daddy can teach us. Or Foote. Ok if Foote teaches us we'll suck because we'll be too busy talking to learn anything from her. Wish us luck on that whole thing ;)

There is a pink highlighter on the desk in front of me. There's also a Wal-Mart receipt. Let's see what mommy bought.

  • Fishing Lure...?
  • Dry erase markers
  • lots of AA batteries. *this must have been before Christmas*
  • cat treats
  • triamenic
  • nail buffers
  • A spatula!!!
  • and a lot of nail polishes

I left out a few things because I couldn't tell what they were exactly. Stupid abbreviations.

Our Christmas tree fell over last night. It kinda just went *plop*. And believe it or not Oscar didn't do it! Although he did just knock over my dad's genious rug drying setup. Arrgggh. He brings a ladder into the living room and then clips the rug up onto it so the wet part isn't touching the floor. And of course, Oscar just HAD to go climb it.

Alrightskie, this is the last post of 2004... unless I decide to update again! Which I probably will. Happy New Year!!!



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