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OK GUYS I have a serious problem. NO not that one. The one where I'm about to write something totally hilarious on this here bloggy, and then forget it as soon as I'm ready to write. Oh well.

I got a new hamster today!!! It's sooo adorable and wicked hyper. I have a feeling we'll be getting along just fine. lol

Ok holiday ensemble. How can I say this nicely... hmm... no. Not possible. We need some work. Mostly mine and Alexa's fault though, so I shouldn't be talking. But still. I'm going to convince Belden to let us play RIGHT IN FRONT of Steinny's door. I cannot wait. Everyone's gonna laugh at us, but HEY what's new???

Emo and Kate are on mission boyfriend. I don't get it, single life is the best thing that's ever happened to me and they just wanna snatch it away. Well screw it I'm taken by my grape soday hehehe. And they're trying to pair me up with... a person... and I dont really mind that person *:)* but HEY they better not force them into doing anything or saying anything or I will be like yo dawg fo shizzle not cool...izzle. Yah so ye be warned maties.

Yarr I'm off to collect me booty... yarr... so swab the poopdeck... yarr. Ok bye.


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