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Couldn't Resist...

Sorry chums I couldn't resist posting one more time after the big ball drop!!! So I decided that I had to do something memorable at the very end of the year because you know, that's just what cool kids like me do *cough cough*. So at the very last possible second of 2004 (AD) I screamed at the top of my lungs. That didn't go over to well with popsy and mumsy may I add. Now my brother has forced the Three Stooges marathon on us. God help me...

So here are my New Year's Resolutions. GET READY.
  • Manage my time better in the areas of homework, projects... anything school related
  • Keep a good karma!!!
  • Paint my nails a crazy wackydoo color AT LEAST once a week.
  • Help Foote take part in that Farmer Market!!! *finally a place to peddle the scarves*
  • Take pictures of anything and everything... because I said so.
  • Get that Darfur documentary done with, but done well, and hope it impresses those people at the convention
  • Find more websites that feed my need for stupid information
  • Keep Eric from watching Three Stooges in my presents
  • Get that Clueless Crew movie night going
  • Fit into my kilt, and then compete in it and THEN place well

Well kiddies, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I must say that last resolution will be tough, but I'll manage.

I LOVE YOU ALL! And remember to eat many rubber chickens for a balanced diet.

Mucho love-o, Flolio


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