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Clueless Crew Movie Night

OK as Foote's blog says, we need a CC movie night. BADLY. So... any movies? Well I'll just make a list right here!!! *Using some of Foote's suggestions also*
  • Chicago!!! *submitted my me of course*
  • The Breakfast Club *Dont worry Foote, I've never seen it either
  • Major League *due to me chum Charlie and his wackydoo eyebrows*
  • Secret Window *FOOTE how could you forget this classic? I am appalled with you.*
  • Garden State *Isn't that another name for Jersey? Wait pathalogical liars... Jersey... I'm lost*
  • Elf *I'm singing to you... cuz you're my dad... and you asked me to sing to you... and... I LOVE YOU DAD YOU'RE THE BEST DAAAAD!!!* i love that movie
  • Edward Scissorhands *Awww this is a good one guys*
  • A Walk to Remeber *I knoooow you all want to watch it! Even you Foote!*
  • Gettysburg *cringe* sorry guys I just can't handle the education of it all

Well I gotta go... but remember the movie list!!! I'll seeya later people!!! byes!



  • Yay!! Finally someone else who hasn't seen The Breakfast Club!!

    Ooh, Scissorhands...how could I have forgotten? Maybe we should just find every movie Johnny Depp has ever been in *wink wink nudge nudge say no more say no more*

    By Blogger salamander, at 12/28/2004  

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