Speaking of Life...



Like HWHOA it's Christmas. And I got stuff! onto my stuff list.
  • New cow pj's
  • New fuzzy bathrobe
  • Penguin shaped shower radio
  • Art kit
  • New U2 CD!!!
  • Chicago on DVD!!!
  • New Celia Rees book
  • Lots of crafty things
  • A silky japanese pillow
  • Penguin calendar
  • Penguin memo holder (I <3>
  • A reallllllllllllly pretty ring I've been dying for

Thats all I can remember right now... But I'll update if I remember anything else.

IT IS CHRISTMAS VACATION SO GO PARTY KIDDIES! Nooooo alcohol before driving ;)

Well I gotsta go watch mooooovies! Yarr it be late but I be awake! Yarr! Go count me booty gents. Ok yah I'm gonna stop that now. byes!


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