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Woooo today was boring. As usual. Let me elaborate...

Ok it was a 1/2 day. YAY.
Our 1/2 days are like 2/3 days. BOO.

I didn't have Science! YAY.
I had Health. BOO.

I missed 1/2 of Health! YAY.
I missed 1/2 of Health for band lessons. BOO.

Ok Alexa is trying to make me join chorus. Will someone in their right mind tell her that I AM NOT CAPABLE OF CHORUS!!! I cannot sing. I know it, you know it, he, she, we, KNOW IT.

I had CCD Sunday. No comment. :(

Hokey dokey we went to Ashlyn's house after school to work on the cwappy corporate project. Yipee. Not like we got anything done. But how can you if you are at your friend's house with 3 other friends with a movie playing and a bag of chips? It's just not possible!!!

And my cat is staring at me. Soooo cute!
Ok. 2 mins later. It's creeping me out now.
He's gone now :)

Alrightskie guys this website thing is totally weird-if you do it right, it'll come true and stuff. Seriously try it!!! http://www.forumhell.com/messages.php?id=23631

hokey dokey it's late, I'm tired, and I still have homework. I'm out. :-0 what a shock. I'll write later. <3 me


  • Elise- u can defenetly sing and i'm not joining chorus unless u do cauz then i'd have to leave u all alone in band and you'd be mad and i'd be lonely in chorus so...U SHOULD SO JOIN CAUZ YOUR A GOOD SINGER !!!'
    jeezy creezy

    By Blogger Pablo, at 11/22/2004  

  • *screams vertigo... voice cracks... etc.*

    By Blogger Flolio, at 11/22/2004  

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