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Turkey Day

Ok guys, yesterday was the big day. Went to grandma's, saw cousins, talked to cousins, yadda yadda yadda. But I uncovered a HORRIBLE secret yesterday. Amanda, this will make you CRY. Hokey dokey.

So I was in the boring room in my grandparent's house with no tv *I don't know why I was in there, seeing as I cannot function well without tv* and I heard the U2 IPod commercial come on so NATURALLY I jumped up and bolted into the room WITH a TV and was depressed cuz it was over. So then my uncle... well one of them anyway... goes SOOOO You like U2??? "DUH." Well, me and your aunt saw them once at a cafe down the street from here before they were famous... about... I dunno... 20 years ago? "WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! AND YOU DIDN'T GET LIKE, A SIGNED PICTURE OF BONO FOR ME OR ANYTHING????? I MEAN C'MON I WASN'T BORN YET BUT YA HAD TO KNOW I WAS COMING!!! WHYYYY DIDN'T YOU GET BONO'S SIGNTATURE FOR ME CRAZY MAN!?!?!?"

I was so sad.


But hey, for once, grandma didn't cook the crap outta the turkey! GET THIS! It was actually.... SLIGHTLY MOIST. This is a first, it's amazing, it's wonderful, it's... probably a sign of the appocolaps. Or however you SciFi geeks spell it.

I had fun watching my grandpa try to gut the turkey, and he explained all the guts to me, being an ex-doctor and all. Well I thought doctors were supposed to be... smart. He was trying to pull out the spine, which DUH wouldn't come out because it's connected to all the meat in the bird. Well I guess it's just age. I shouldn't be talking, I've had blonde moments worse than that. Running into cafeteria tables, doors, walls, basically any inanimate objects.

Ok I'm out... PEACE!!! ~$~flolio~$~


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