Speaking of Life...


The Dance

Well the dance was quite eventful... Emily thinks I put Corey up to dancing with her. Well let me tell you what happened. After I mooched a piece of his blue airhead off of him (it was really good) he said "You know, I was going to ask Emily to dance, but she's dancing with Bryant." No, I didn't tell him to say that! He did it by himself and it was really sweet because he really meant it. Let's just say I did put him up to asking you the next time... and the next time... :-D
It was totally strange because Zach went. I swear that kid is totally anti-social.
I'm watching the beginning credits for some movie and this poor man's name is Melvin Peebles. As if Melvin isn't bad enough. But PEEBLES? I mean really, they must have wanted him to be a geek.
My hair smells really good. YAY for good smelling hair! Like mine! Woo hooot!
AAAAH my cat just rubbed his wet nose on my foot. Cwap. Well I'm off to find more puffs! Toodles!


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