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OKKKK I took the superhero quiz (courtesy of Mr. Foote) and I am the one and only spiderman! But I must say, I can't STAND latex. EEEWW it makes my butt look bigger if thats possible.
Hokey dokey. Bug project-still in the works. It's bad enough that I just am squeemish about bugs, but to have to pin them, and then stare at them to identify them, then throw some away because they are unfortunately in the same order is just plain hell. I'm sorry guys, I can't come to Ronaroll Monday because of this flazzin project. :( O well.

There is like... no one online right now so IM me on my sn gotnoclue2299!!! I'm BOOOORED as flazz so do it! Do it!

I shall leave you with my final words of wisdome... sing this to the tune of the infamous milkshake song.

My pokemon cards bring all the geeks to the yard and they're like, "You wanna trade cards?" And I'm like, "I wanna trade cards I'll kick yo *ss I have a charazard!"


  • Omigosh Flo i was spiderman too. hwow. Is it ironic that amanda was jack and ghandi???? anyway. I have to come up with a new sn...... hmmmmmm i gave one to flo yesterday and it was OH NEVERMIND I REMEMBER IT.

    By Blogger Emolee, at 10/11/2004  

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