Speaking of Life...


Do you eat chicken noodle soup... or drink it?

Heyyy guys! I was home sick today... :-( tres mal. At least I know my French, eh??? Well I just kinda sat around and ate/drank or whatever you do with chicken soup. And there is a banana peel next to me. I swear, there is. I'm so color coordinated with this template! Aboomboomchiiic!

Ok my sister's hamster is Spiderman. Seriously. She was walking upside down on the top of her cage-it has like, a mesh lid and she was hanging from it upside down. I shall call her Peter Parker now. Even though she's a girl. I don't think anyone will notice.

EEEEEEEEEW Health is the next term... God help us all

Nothing much has happened... but there is still a banana peel next to me. JEEZY CREEZY SOMEONE HELP ME! THERE IS A BANANA INVADING MY PERSONAL SPACE! OWY CWAP! GET IT OFF ME GET IT OFF MEE!!!! ciao chillins!


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