Speaking of Life...



Why are we so oblivious?
Why can't we see when we mistreat our closest?
Why can't we ever accept that maybe the other person is right?
Why can't we see when we are stepping off the edge of a cliff?
And that there is no one to catch us at the bottom?
Why can't we stop being such biotches?
Why can't we trust anyone but ourselves?
Why can't we stop trying to be on top?
Why can't we just be equal?
And realize that one person can't pull it all off?
Why can't she realize that she is running right off the edge of that cliff?
Why can't she see that she is leaving all she has behind her?
Why can't she stop trying to one up us?
Why can't she see what she is doing to us all?
And herself?
Why can't she see it?
Why can't anyone but us see it?
Why doesn't anyone know our pain?
Why doesn't anyone sense that we are ripping apart?
Especially the one who is ripping away...


Yorum Gönder

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