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Click clack SCRATCH *steinny typing*

Hey yall!
Ok here's the deal. My parents went to Disney World for their anniversary... HOW romantic... And I get to stay at my aunt's house with my cousins and sister and brother all weekend-not bad :) Well they better bring me a GARGANTUAN souvenier. For leaving me here. Where it rains. A lot.
Alright now the good news!!! I did make the Schweitzer club along with about 16 other people-whoa. Thats a lot... I'll try to list them!
1. me
2. ashley
3. ashlyn
4. kaitlyn
5. sarah
6. sarah
7. joey
8. zach
9. christina
10. allyson
11. kara
12. mike
13. carl
14. ethan
15. uuuuuuuh thats all i can remember

Anyway I'm super duper happy!!! ok next topic.

If you were in my shoes last night, you would have found it next to impossible to sleep. Let me explain.

I got to sleep on the AWESOME AIR MATRESS! Those things rock! Anyway, I wake up in the middle of the night because, well, I thought I had lost my feet. I couldn't feel them AT ALL. Let me tell ya why. There was a 150 pound dog sleeping on them. Ardie, the golden retriever, had taken up 3/4 of the air matress and left me curled up with the last 1/4. Finally around 5:00 am he left :) I realize I coulda kicked him out... but was to tired to deal with... dog breath.

Ok well now I can't get rid of the italics.... sorry :) We'll just have to deal with them.

We have a new addition to the world of blogging! Clicky clicky! (It's my cousin's blog)

Alrightskie, I'm gonna go shopping soon. Arrividerci!!!


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